Your Life in 5G

For an online campaign of TNO about the developments of 5G we made an Micrio interactive that works on both desktop and mobile.

Since our 'homemade' ultra-resolution zoom tool Micrio saw the light in 2016, we have quickly seen it mature. Many of our customers now use Micrio for campaigns that revolve around online storytelling, whether art works or hi-res photos serve as the basis. In 2018, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) approached us to use Micrio for an online campaign around 5G. Not with paintings or large images as a basis, but with hi-res illustrations. That's also possible with Micrio!

Where most organizations now get started with Micrio on their own thanks to the extensive documentation, TNO asked us for a custom-made implementation for their 5G campaign. Together with our friends from design agency Fabrique we made an interactive triptych enriched with navigation, tours and markers, which works on both desktop and mobile.

In the interactive Your life in 5G TNO shows the great social impact of the new generation of internet technology. Through storytelling, audio and videos, the visitor is informed about the effects of 5G on transport, food production and our social life, but also about the role that TNO plays in these developments.