How we work at Q42

We're always eager to start building. And so are you. After all, you have a fantastic idea! But that's not always the best way. So we start with other things. Like asking a lot of questions.
Our process has eight steps. But product development does not always go as planned. Sometimes things get mixed up, and sometimes it makes better sense to start with a different step.

1. Your challenge

Are we the right partner for you?

The best work is done by teams that get energy from that work. It's something we firmly believe in. We love ambition and technical challenges, and we like to realize that with custom-made solutions. If there's a match, we are all excited to build beautiful things together!

2. Strategy

Your puzzle, our puzzle

What are you trying to achieve, for whom, with which business case? In this step we ask all those questions. We want to understand your challenge, so that we can build the right thing. We look at the technical possibilities and together we choose the best strategy for your product. Both for the end user and your organization.

We do this, for example, in a jumpstart.


Always start with the hardest, we believe. A digital product often presents a complex technical challenge. In a jumpstart, we build a proof of concept within a week to make sure that an idea is feasible. The insights from the prototype form the basis for our project approach.

3. Architecture

The right choice is half the battle

An app that changes people's behaviour. A website that can handle millions of visitors at the same time. Such products require the right technology. Our choice of architecture in the beginning decides whether your product will be scalable and able to amaze the end user. We always take this into account in our tech stack. We are not tied to one technology, and we like to choose cloud solutions that require little management, for example.

4. Design

Imagining the dream

We work together with the best Dutch design agencies and freelance designers. Together with them we create a concept that makes the dream a reality.

5. Build

Producing code

Every digital product requires a different solution. Whether a native or cross-platform app is better suited for your product depends on whether you are a start-up or a corporate. That is why we provide customization. And we work agile. In this way we can learn together and create a product that makes an impact.

Test, test, test...

Learning involves testing of course. We want to know how people really use your app or website to ultimately make the product even better. We therefore test continuously. With a permanent external tester in the team, validated learning and usability testing with real end users: only by making quick adjustments you can improve a product.

6. Team

Prepare your team for product growth

Your app or platform will be up and running soon, then what? Setting up your team for the further development of your product is just as important to us as the launch of the product, especially for startups. We work with your own developers on the product and train them in our approach.

7. Launch


The launch is the moment we all live towards together. In practice, it is less exciting than it sounds. We often deploy an app in phases and a new website is always 'in acceptance' before we push the go-live button. Nevertheless, we do like to take a moment with you to celebrate and eat cake together.

And beyond...

The work is only just beginning

When setting up new products, we always take a follow-up into account in our tech stack. If you want to continue developing with us, we provide smart choices with validated learning. If you want to manage the product yourself, we will help your own developers with the transfer. After all, the more successful your product and the happier your customers, the bigger our smile.

How about a cup of coffee?

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