There is one thing that we enjoy doing just as much as coding, and that is talking about technology and cool solutions, about product development and online trends. We do this not only at the lunch table, but also with our Engineering Blog and in our Q42 Podcast.

Q42 Engineering Blog

We regularly write about tech. On our Engineering Blog we dive into the depths with handy how to's for developers, articles about using a cool feature and about programming challenges and code solutions that we have encountered in our projects.

Q42 Podcast

In addition to writing about tech, we also talk about it a lot. Every month we invite Q-ers and external guests for a podcast (in Dutch) about technology and strategy. In every broadcast we share tips and insights about issues that are important to companies in digital product development. As a product owner, if you want to know more about, for example, building apps, accessibility, prototyping, blockchain, conversion optimization, listen to our Q42 Podcast.

Q42 news

If you want to know more about what we are doing, check our general blog. Here we share news about recently launched apps and websites, won awards and other things worth knowing from our 'happy place for nerds'.