Q42 ventures

We have made Q42 a place where, in addition to our work with clients, we can develop our own ideas. That's what we call ventures. Sometimes these are start-ups, sometimes labels, or just products that we think should be there. Thanks to these ventures, we know the roller coaster, the risk and the ambition of doing business. We always have a few active ventures, from brand new to more mature.

Hack The Planet

Tech for good

Label, 2017

Hack The Planet wants to make a better world through pragmatic technology. We've learned that smart and especially easily deployable solutions make all the difference in addressing problems at global scale. We tackle issues that have been lying unsolved for decades through new and unconventional tech.

Let's change the game. Let's hack the planet!

Launch of Hack The Planet project "Behind the front door" by mayor Jan van Zanen


Create fun and engaging digital lessons

Start-up, 2015

LessonUp is an award-winning online platform that makes it easy for teachers to create varied interactive lessons using video, images, interactive questions and quizzes. Let students join with their own device and differentiate to their personal needs.

Teacher Jan Wolter working with LessonUp at a high school

42 Puzzles

Online puzzles and print services

Product & service, 2021

Our 42 Puzzles venture offers online puzzles and print services to help publishers increase retention and reduce churn. Its portfolio includes many original handcrafted experiences and tailor-made signature puzzles, as well as popular games like Sudoku, Crossword and Wordfind. All puzzles are easy to integrate in existing websites and apps, and our team is ready to aid you with all steps in the process.

Several puzzles offered by 42 Puzzles


The fun way to meet

Start-up, 2020

With Mibo, online appointments, remote drinks and other informal virtual events are a lot more natural than with Zoom. Born out of frustration with the limitations, coldness and callousness of standard video conferencing tools, Mibo makes video calling fun again. Mibo combines the webcam and microphone of video conferencing with walking around in a 3D world. As a result, you only hear the people who are close to you. So you can easily chat with someone, while you see but not hear the people further away. This naturally creates groups that you can join or leave. Just like in real life. And just as fun!

Impression of Mibo


Ultra resolution storytelling

Product, 2014

Much can be said about many images and photos. Micrio is the perfect tool to integrate the stories into them instead of separate texts that are placed besides it. It's a platform where you can upload your high-resolution imagery, annotate it in our comprehensive editor, and share it easily through the web. It works out of the box on all modern browsers and platforms, and has been created with the highest performance and bandwidth optimization in mind, so it goes smoothly on all sorts of devices.

Micrio demo


Game studio

Label, 2016

TurtleBlaze is a game studio with a penchant for pixel art, arcade games, racing, 2D and guns. Their first game Road Warriors for iOS and Android already has been downloaded more than two million times. In 2020, KUNAI was released, an insanely fast action metroidvania for Nintendo Switch and PC in which tablet warrior Tabby must save humanity for further eradication after a dramatic event.

KUNAI release trailer

CodeUur & FutureNL

Bringing digital literacy into the classroom

Label, 2013

The FutureNL foundation wants every child in the Dutch educational system to get to learn about technology.

Q42 is co-initiator of CodeUur, and of FutureNL which grew from that.

Lukas, educating the next generation of Q-ers