Wyse app

Cyber ​​security is an increasingly important topic. Certainly at banks. After all, bank employees are the first line of defense against cyber crime.

For Wyse, a start-up at ING, we built a web app to make bank and other company employees aware of the importance of security. Thanks to the game-based approach (à la Duolingo), they learn about online safety in an easy and accessible way.

In the app, users are given step-by-step information per topic and per episode about the various aspects of security and their importance. Each episode is set up as a type of chat conversation where the user receives different questions. Depending on their answers, they can follow different paths. And explore different outcomes. The app provides a clear overview of the topics, episodes and progress that the user is making. New episodes and topics are made available at intervals and users receive notifications of this in their mail.

The challenge with this app was to design the CMS so that the different paths of an episode could be managed by Wyse. The content for each episode is tailor-made. Wyse can prepare and manage these itself via the CMS.

Wyse prototype app