Voice assistant House of Talent

We developed a Google Assistant voice app that allows viewers of the TV program "House of Talent" to stay informed about all the artists.

A second screen for TV programs is used quite often by broadcasters. But with voice that has not been done that often. When Talpa asked us to develop a Google voice assistant for the SBS program House of Talent after building an Alexa voice skill for JUKE, we were all ears. (pun intended)

With the voice app of House of Talent, TV viewers can keep up to date with all the news about the program and the artists via a speech interface. You start the voice app by saying 'praat met House of Talent' in Google Assistant. In the app we built various dialogues about the artists, what they love and what they are doing. Users of the voice app can also sing along and ask when an artist performs during a live concert.