Panorama Mesdag interactive

A 360° virtual tour of the largest painting in the Netherlands: for Panorama Mesdag we built a 360° interactive with our ultra-res storytelling tool Micrio.

It is 1881. You are standing on the highest dune in Scheveningen. You look out over the old fishing village, the dunes and the sea. The beach is full of boats, fishermen, horses and beach carriages.

About 150 years ago, Hendrik Willem Mesdag painted and built this 360° illusion of Scheveningen: Panorama Mesdag. The oldest surviving panorama in the Netherlands offers you an all-round view.

Together with the museum, we made an interactive tour of the immense painting. Thanks to Micrio, our own ultra-res storytelling tool, the mesmerizing panorama can now also be visited virtually. Just as with the 360​​° interactive of the Rijksmuseum, which we made at the start of the corona crisis, the online tour of Panorama Mesdag takes you along the highlights of a cultural-historical monument.

Thanks to the extremely high resolution, it is possible to discover details of the painting that you can hardly see with the naked eye. By zooming in you discover the stories behind these details. To this end, the museum has added markers with extra information. In this way Panorama Mesdag becomes a truly interactive experience.

Experience the Scheveningen beach from a bygone era in peace and quiet from home!