Jumpstart: Google Assistant

During a jumpstart we built a prototype of a Google Assistant voice app for Nederlandse Loterij, which increases the gaming experience.

We mostly build Google Assistant voice apps for dealing with practical situations. Nederlandse Loterij (Dutch Lottery) came up with another question: how can voice contribute to the gaming experience? What role can Google Assistant and Google Home play during the results of lottery draws?

For such research projects, we have come up with something: jumpstarts. During a jumpstart we build a prototype to validate a concept within a week. Through this method, complicated ideas become tangible and clear in a short period of time.

During the jumpstart for Nederlandse Loterij we explored ideas on how to use voice for participants of the draws, which API links are needed for the Actions and which integrations are possible with other home devices. The goal was to really build a party around jackpots and draw results with Google Home and all kinds of connected hardware. With a demo setup at the Nederlandse Loterij office we tried to imitate the winning experience as well as possible.

Demo setup with Google Home at the Dutch Lottery office

In our 'living room of the future' is a Google Home speaker with which you can check your Staatsloterij and Lotto lot. If you win, the Philips Hue lights go into party mode, the TV shows happy GIFs and accompanying music is being played. And if you have won the jackpot, balloons will be blown up automatically. :)

Test with connected balloon inflation machine

After this successful jumpstart, there will certainly be a further development in 2019 with the aim of building a voice app for Dutch Lottery players.