Together with the Museumvereniging and Fabrique, we built the brand new website with all collections, exhibitions and events of Dutch museums. has been renewed! On the new website of the Museum Association (Museumvereniging) you will find everything about Dutch museums: their exhibitions, their showpieces and their activities, also for families.

Together with the Museum Association and design agency Fabrique, we built the brand new site as the place to be for inspiration about the activities and collections of museums. Each affiliated museum can manage its own page plus add exhibitions and events.

The website appeals to a wide audience. That is why we have made it easy for visitors to find something they like in the wide range. Visitors can search extensively, including the museums in the area.

New are the theme pages in which a story is told around objects from several museums. This distinctive feature makes the website a real source of inspiration for museum visits. Also because there is more information about the masterpieces of museums, the showpieces.

With all the inspiration for a subsequent museum visit, should become the platform of the museums in the Netherlands, for both Dutch and tourists.