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Nederlandse Loterij Website for Lotto

After having developed the Staatsloterij website and the Dutch Lottery portal for many years, in 2018 we started one of the other classic brands of the Dutch Lottery: Lotto. The reason for the continued development was an update of the already existing Lotto game. Together with Fabrique, we rebuilt lotto.nl from the ground. With a clean design and special attention to a smooth experience on mobile. Including the reintroduced game and an intuitive shopflow, but also with playful, subtle micro-animations.

The new Lotto website makes good use of the generic deployable CMS that we developed specifically for Nederlandse Loterij (Dutch Lottery). For the content managers of Lotto, we went a step further with all kinds of smart features that facilitate the work. On the one hand, the content managers now have to fill in as little as possible. On the other hand, we have enabled them to customize all kinds of parts of the website.

In consultation with Nederlandse Loterij, we determined the architecture and technology of lotto.nl. We chose to build all software in .NET Core and to host at Microsoft Azure for optimal performance. The game logic of Lotto is made available for Q42 via the new application gateway, just like the authentication and account data.

In short: the new backend and website of Lotto make optimal use of the developed portal functionalities of Dutch Lottery, with many additional custom-made features in the CMS for the weekly flow of draws.

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