Jumpstart: AR app

In one week we created an augmented reality app for PostNL that makes it easy to calculate the right size for packages.

Creating a working prototype within a week is the challenge of our so-called Jumpstarts. For PostNL we use this method often to pitch an idea to decision makers and to validate it with end users. This is also the case with our new augmented reality app for iOS. It offers customers of PostNL to easily measure a package.

Research by PostNL shows that people are often uncertain about what size package they need for an object. Therefore, we made a digital tape measure, which measures the length, width and height in successive steps. Based on the measured values, we then indicate the price category for the specific package.

The developed AR prototype was subjected to a user test that same week. We will take the many valuable insights we gained from this as we continue to develop the prototype. So you might find this feature in the PostNL app that we also built!