empowers developers and organizations to build accessible apps for everyone. On the platform initiated by Q42 and the Appt Foundation we have collected code examples, guidelines and tips about the accessibility of apps. All based on the idea that making apps accessible ensures that everyone can participate in society.

We believe that in our increasingly digital society, everyone should be able to participate. Apps are playing an increasingly important role in this. And therefore accessibility.'s goal is to help creators and decision makers create a more accessible Internet. App developers, designers and clients often unconsciously exclude people due to a lack of awareness, a lack of urgency and a certain degree of ignorance about accessibility.

From awareness to code examples
With the new non-profit platform we make accessibility more top of mind, promote knowledge sharing and offer practical code examples that can be adopted free of charge. The platform is set up as a guide that takes visitors from awareness to action-oriented information.

Current figures about accessibility
There are 4.5 million people with disabilities in the Netherlands. That is more than a quarter of the population. But that number does not yet provide an idea of how many Dutch people actually use accessibility settings on their phones. That is why we have set up the first large-scale Dutch study into the use of accessibility features on mobile phones. This shows that almost half of Dutch people have activated visual and auditory assistance features on their phone. The target group for accessible products is therefore much broader than just people with disabilities.

Statistics about the actually use of accessibility settings

Open source library
For this research we have created an open source library that anonymously collects the current accessibility settings among more than two million Dutch iPhone and Android users. The statistics on are continuously updated and expanded. The results of our research are of great importance to anyone involved in app development, which is why they are free for everyone to use. App builders and decision makers can also collect their own accessibility data using the source code of the tooling and the methodology. This provides them with insight into the use of features such as bold text, increased color contrast, live subtitles, VoiceOver, and encourages action-oriented steps in the development of accessible apps.

Code documentation
The knowledge platform also offers developers and designers code examples for building accessible apps. Through open source code for iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter and Xamarin, which we have created especially for, they are enabled to easily ensure accessibility when developing mobile products.

Guidelines and in-depth articles
The guidelines that apply to creating accessible apps are also explained on the platform. Furthermore, makers of mobile apps on the website receive free access to useful tips and in-depth articles plus interviews with people with disabilities.

Made possible by SIDN Fund
With we remove the blind spot about accessibility and we give app makers the tools to develop digital products that can be used by everyone. In order to make a global impact, all information on is available in both Dutch and English. The platform, a joint initiative of the Appt Foundation and Q42, was made possible thanks to a contribution from SIDN Fund.

"Seriously impressed by, a new resource on mobile accessibility, officially launched today."

Scott Vinkle, Accessibility Specialist at Shopify

Dutch Interactive Award
In 2023, won a silver Dutch Interactive Award. The DIA are the prizes for the very best interactive online work from Dutch agencies and have been awarded annually since 2010. received the award in the Digital for Good category, with the jury praising the social relevance of the platform.

" has the potential to make a big impact. They put their money where their mouth is: they invest their own hours and knowledge to make it easier for others and thus set a good example."

Jury report Dutch Interactive Awards 2023