9292 app

With the new 9292 app you can plan your journey via public transport even easier and faster. Partly thanks to extensive user feedback, a smart interface has been built that allows travelers to personalize the app and to choose multiple means of transport for a trip.

We were proud in 2012 when we launched our first 9292 app. With a fresh new look and many smart technical features. The combination of design and technology provided a major step forward in the user-friendliness of travel advice in general. But many years later, the bar has risen. Not only the bar for user-friendliness, but also for response time, providing smart alternatives at an early stage, delighted UX, tone-of-voice and especially the expectations of the traveler on the road. So, in 2019 it was time for a completely new 9292 app!

Connecting to the wishes of travelers
The main starting point was to renew the old iOS and Android apps. The app had to be intuitive to use for both young people and the elderly, with simplicity at the forefront. A lot of attention has therefore been paid to the user interface. From the beginning, we have been testing to ensure that the app really meets the needs of travelers, among other things with a beta version that was downloaded by more than 2500 people.

Personalization is key
The various tests provided valuable information about the ease of use and personalization of the app, something that frequent public transport travelers were eager to use. Thanks to this personalization, the app now remembers travel patterns and preferences. Users can also add frequently used routes and locations to the home screen without having to create an account, making that home screen a lot more functional. We have also realized the user's wish to be able to indicate whether you first take the bicycle or go on foot before taking public transport, something that no other planner has implemented properly. Finally, in the new 9292 app it is possible to save a trip in your agenda or to share a complete trip.

Personalizing the home screen

Bicycle sharing as a new feature
The new 9292 app was rolled out in phases at the beginning of 2020. We then added all kinds of new features to the app. Most important is the integration of shared bicycles. The route to the rental point is shown plus the price and the availability of the bicycles and the opening hours of the locations are taken into account. The user can indicate to start or end the journey by public transport by bicycle. The app then calculates a bicycle route of up to five kilometers, which also indicates whether there is a possibility to park the bicycle at the station.

Sustainable architecture
As the apps serves millions of sessions per day, it was very important to create a sustainable architecture that works on as many devices as possible. That is why we chose to develop the apps natively: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. These are the platforms that will be permanently supported by the suppliers of the operating systems. And interactions and integrations with device-specific functions work better.

Training 9292 development team
While building the app, we trained 9292 programmers to become native app developers. In this way, we have ensured that 9292's own development team has full control of the apps after launch. The team now has enough experience to further develop the apps themselves and to regularly release updates in the app stores.