100 Reporters app

NGOs have a crazy problem, our venture Hack The Planet noticed. They usually have a lot of supporters. But almost all NGOs find it increasingly difficult to reach and involve them.

Similarly, Mensen met een Missie, a worldwide network of people who are fighting against injustice and exclusion. Within the 100 Reporters project, volunteers make the voices of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America being heard. To provide a platform for these stories about hope and perseverance, conflict and reconciliation, Hack The Planet developed the 100 Reporters app with unique 360-degree photos from the most remote areas. The app brings you so close to the live situation, that it literally feels you are there, somewhere in that remote part of our world.

"With the 100 Reporters app, we have created a new and innovative communication channel that helps us bond with our audience."

Andrea Rodriguez Frohwein, product owner Mensen met een Missie