For the innovative shopping service Stockon we developed a new app that learns from your use by a smart prediction algorithm.

Stockon is a convenient and flexible subscription for your favorite and returning groceries. From peanut butter to toilet paper, from coffee to spaghetti. By swiping through the product range, you choose which products you always want to have at home. From then on, Stockon ensures that the groceries are replenished on time. Through a smart prediction algorithm, the app learns from your use.

There are already many services for online orders and home delivery, but there is no service that actually predicts your use. With Stockon you do not have to do 80% of your shopping yourself. No lists, no lugging - you do not even have to think about it anymore. But you're still in control. Gone for a week? Or is Stockon wrong with its prediction? You can also easily adjust the proposed delivery.

We developed the iOS and Android app from scratch in a short period thanks to React Native. By extending the functionalities of the Firebase platform, the app is real-time and you can see all updates live. What is delivered, whether your partner has adjusted anything and when Stockon comes along with your favorite products.

What this new service, started under the wings of PostNL, shows nicely, is the rise of corporate start-ups and the changing role of design and development agencies in this. Together with Fabrique we were involved in all aspects of helping this corporate start-up, from many more specializations than just design and development.