Focus Middle East

Together with NTR, we developed a website where you get to know the Middle East in a approachable, narrative way through a lot of rich and interactive content.

After previous successful interactive documentaries on Bosch and Escher, we have again developed an in-depth website for the NTR on a specific theme: On July 18, the four-part television series Hoop en Wanhoop in het Midden-Oosten (Hope and Despair in the Middle East) started. In our interactive web documentary, the more than 100 years of history of this region is discussed in more detail.

Making the complex matter of the Middle East accessible to a broad audience. That challenge was the NTR's goal for this project. As well as giving a glimpse into everyday life there. And making the past, present and future tangible through personal stories. In short: connecting news, education and documentary through storytelling.

That is what we developed together with Fabrique: a website where you get to know the Middle East in an approachable, narrative way. Both through key moments in history, an interactive map of the region and via video portraits of so-called future builders. The webdoc was provided with a lot of enriching and surprising content with different sorts of music, sound, archival images and animations.

Because of the rich and interactive content we built Midden-Oosten Focus as a progressive web app in React, with Mapbox for the map. For the 360 ​​degree photos and the CMS, we used the Micrio platform we developed ourselves.

And last but not least, there is not only a Dutch and English version, but the web doc is also fully accessible in Arabic.