With a virtual reality system, our tech for good venture Hack The Planet tries to make valuable connections between elderly people with feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness is a big social problem among older people. To help the elderly with feelings of loneliness make valuable connections, our venture Hack The Planet developed the virtual reality system EldersVR for elderly centers.

With EldersVR, two (or more) elderly people can jointly move to another place (in another time). From a joint boat trip through Venice, to a trip between the African elephants, or just a pleasant walk on the Scheveningen boulevard of the 70s, seniors are fascinated by the sense of going somewhere with someone else.

EldersVR being used at care homes in The Hague

These 360° experiences bring back memories, deliver conversations and forge friendships in effect. Conversations that would not otherwise occur. Conversations that create new connections that would not have taken place without EldersVR.

EldersVR has been tested at several care homes in The Hague, the Netherlands. Not only the user satisfaction was tested, but also the effect of EldersVR on the perceived loneliness of the elderly.

Q-er Yahya explaining why EldersVR works

What once started as a dream at our non-profit venture Hack The Planet has become a reality. For years we have developed EldersVR into a full-fledged product with great enthusiasm. The reactions of the elderly and care workers have given us a lot of energy.

In order to reach even more elderly people with unique experiences, we transferred EldersVR to entrepreneur Henrik Hellman in the spring of 2022. Like us, he believes in this product. We are very proud that we have been able to bring this welfare project to the market.