Rijksmuseum app

Multimedia tours, wayfinding, tickets, the collection and more in one app

The Rijksmuseum's main focus is allowing the collection to be at the fingertips of the public. With our completely revamped mobile app, the famous museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is now even more accessible to everybody, whether it's before, during or after a visit. The app offers all the art works of the Rijksmuseum, as well as a navigation system and an e-ticket shop.

The renewed app that we created together with design agency Fabrique, offers hundreds of thousands of works that can be viewed in the finest detail. To be able to zoom in, we used Micrio, a platform that we developed ourselves to zoom in on very large images in a smooth way. For iOS, the Micrio algorithm has been ported to Swift. For Android to Kotlin.

The built-in navigation system of the app shows the way and ensures that visitors can find their way to a next self-chosen painting in a maximum of three steps. The new multimedia tour in the app is closely connected to the navigation system. Visitors can discover the museum themselves with fourteen tours. Thanks to innovative beacon technology in the building, visitors receive customized information everywhere, whether they are following a thematic tour or are discovering the museum themselves.

The smartphone app also allows you to easily purchase tickets and scan them at the museum entrance.